We can either do this as home bleaching procedure or office bleaching procedure

In home bleaching

  • This is a simple procedure. We first create a gum mould of your teeth, which fits comfortably in your mouth.
  • Harmless bleaching agents is added to the mould to whiten your teeth.
  • You can wear this few hours a day up to 3 weeks.
teeth before whitening teeth after whitening


With your age teeth will naturally become darker.

Is it painful?

It is very unlikely but you may experience bit discomfort when having professional whitening procedure in dental chair side. But our team will be very talented with those management.

After the procedure sometimes you may experience little sensitivity. But with using a toothpaste designed for sensitivity can help you to get rid of that issue.

Is it safe?

This procedure is extremely safe

Chemicals using for these procedure are safe.

Can I afford it?

We have offered you competitive prices.

How to keep my whiter teeth?

With proper oral hygiene.

Can use a whitening tooth paste under the guidance of your dentist.

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This will bring you new smile with confidence. So you will gain lots of values.