What is RCT?

Simply this is preservation of dead tooth due to caries or traumatic injury or may be due to leaky fillings.

Here mainly treat the infection of the root canal system. This should be decided by dental surgeon with help of proper radiographs.

Why RCT?

If the root canal system is infected either we have to remove the tooth or have to do a RCT if possible.

So by doing RCT we can avoid unnecessary removal of your teeth. Also by RCT your toothache will be subside & cured.

Is it painful?

No, We are doing it under Local anaesthetics.

How many times do we have to visit the dentist for RCT?

This should be decide by the dental surgeon most of the time with in 2 visits you can complete this. You can discuss it with us to make it whatever the way which is easy for you.


Of course you may have to take antibiotics, Painkillers, etc.

Make sure you informed your previous medical reports to the dental surgeon. Sometimes you may need antibiotic prophylaxis before the treatments.

Is this safe?

Yeah, we hv very competent team equipped with modern instruments.

Do you know?

After completion of RCT it’s always wise to go for a crown.

For further information either contact us or contact your dentist.