What is extraction?

Extraction is the removal of atooth from it’s socket in the bone

Why extract?

If a tooth damaged due to caries or any other condition, first dentist will fix it with fillings, crowns or any other suitable treatment. But the tooth has been severely damaged, It may need to be extracted.

tooth extractions

Do you know?

When you removing your wisdom tooth always first you have to take radiographs & assess it for the relationship with inferior alveolar nerve mainly. Removal of wisdom tooth should do by experienced dental surgeon.

Will it hurt?

We will provide local anesthetics for the particular site before the procedure. So you will not get any pain but you will feel it.

Is it safe?

Of course our team will make it very easy for you. So if you have any thing which you want to know do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you know?

Drugs like Aspirin / clopidogrel will induce bleeding after extraction. So if you are taking these drugs inform the dental surgeon about that.

What should I do after extraction?

Avoid hot food or drinks until the local anaesthetics effects wear off, Because you can not feel it, so it can burn your mouth & more specially there will be more bleeding from the site of extraction Don’t chew your check. You should rest for the rest of the day. Do not spit immediately after extraction you should swallow all blood & saliva.

Do you know?

It’s important to bring your medical records & inform the dentist about your illnesses & allergies. It helps to prevent you from unwanted circumstances.