These are different treatment options for very similar problem., Here the bridge is the fixed option which fixed in to natural teeth either side of the missing tooth/teeth. Dentures are removable plate or frame like thing which holds artificial teeth.

Choice of above two options depends on several things, So you can consult us & get the best opinion & best treatments.

dentures and bridges


These will help you to improve your appearance, Smile, so eventually your confidence will improve.

Ability to biting & chew will improve.

Do you know?

When missing teeth are not replaced, You are going to harassing neighboring teeth with more pressure while biting, which is not very good in long run.

Neighboring teeth will tilt in to the missing gap, so food accumulation can happen, this can affect your aesthetics, oral hygiene etc.

Bridges are mainly expensive than dentures & fixed in to natural teeth.

Dentures you have to remove at night.

Unlike bridges in dentures you feel little discomfort initially when you speaking with someone.

Specially with dentures taste sensation can be affected.

Is it painful?

If necessary bridge preparation can be done under local anaesthesia, So you will not feel any difference than a filling.

Dentures will not cause any pain unless it is having sharp edges. Our team can manage it for you.

Do you know?

In bridges same as crowns you have different options, either you can use metal or ceramics. Our team will help you to choose best option for you.

In dentures also you do have some options, for further information you can contact us .

How to maintain?


  • You have to clean dentures every day.
  • At night remove your denture, clean it and place in a water container.
  • You have to take good care of your oral hygiene.
  • Make review visits at least once a year.


  • Mainly keep your oral hygiene in good condition.
  • You will be educate to use brush & other cleaning aids like dental floss by our trained experienced therapist or surgeons.
  • Review visits